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My name's Allison and I'm a girl of many T-Shirts.

I like televison. I'm from Alabama, I'm 18 years old, and I'm not sure what I'm doing with my life.

Enjoy your stay.

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Hey there!

My friend and I decided to make some jewelry today, and we wanted to see if there was anyone interested in purchasing our bracelets and necklaces.

The ones above are a few samples of our work, which including fandom inspired jewelry. Some of the bracletes above are inspired by the video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. If you would like, you can request a fandom inspired piece and we will try our best to create something lovely for you.

As of now, the only item officially for sale would be the necklace above.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, you can shoot me a message or comment directly on the post.

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    Oh wow, these are legitimately really beautiful. You and your friend did an awesome job on them ^u^ I would buy some but...
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    I must have it!!!! If I had any Money TT___TT
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